Jonny Meyers Trio

8:00 pm

Little is know about why Forest Hills, Queens is such a breeding ground for genuine songwriters – Paul Simon, Burt Bacharach, The Ramones.  Listeners and musicians alike feel that Jonny Meyers is the next in line.  Born in FH, Jonny’s music is a transparency of soul, Americana, ska and blues song styles.  In his latest release Somewhere You’ve Been, Jonny’s tunes have nothing to hide, and as a listener, you always feel like a welcome and invited guest.  Perhaps this is the neighborhood secret.
Come see Jonny’s tunes played by an excellent group that features Tony Orbach (sax), Paul Trust (bass), Taylor Floreth (drums) and Jonny (guitar) on September 22nd.
Jonny Meyers mini documentary – On Youtube
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