Passover Seder 2017

7:00 pm

Join Our Family for a Passover Seder

A traditional Jewish Passover as our family has celebrated for so many years, complete with Matzo ball soup, Maror, Charoses, Brisket, Koogles and more.

We will cover the exodus of the Jews from Egypt into the Sinai desert and explain Jewish tradition.

The evening will be lead by Jewish Educator Rob Siverbush and feature music by the Seder Serenaders.

Unlimited beer and wine Included.

Adults $49
Children (under 12) $20

There will only be one seating and it is limited.

Book online now!

Gratuity is NOT included and 20% is recommended







We welcome and encourage families of mixed religious backgrounds and non-Jews interested in attending a Seder to join in, everyone will feel comfortable and at home here at Thai Rock.

This event includes appetizers, main course, beer, wine, soda, tea, coffee and dessert 












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