8:30 pm

QuadraLove two words coming as one, a oneness in sprit and unity for the world, This is what it’s all about for the band QuadraLove through the music people can together experience the goodness that it brings.   QuadraLove a four-piece band out of Suffolk County, New York brings a vibration that may conform to trends, but is dedicated to a solid musical performance that contributes in freeing and refreshing the soul.


With a reggae foundation they venture into other sounds which creates a landscape that is loyal to the rhythm yet exploring, incorporating different musical frontiers. From Amagansett to Manhattan QuadraLove has been spreading the musical message to the people, and want to continue to even further out to the world to help ease the pain through the music, may goodness reign.   Check out QuadraLove’s EP ‘THE POWER INSIDE”











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