The BlarneyGirls

7:00 pm

The BlarneyGirls began life ten years ago as a trio of Celtic musicians based out of Georgia, featuring the soaring soprano Liz Robbins, the sizzling fiddle of Reva Paget and the solid backbone of guitar, bass and bouzouki of Michael Robbins. The band’s mission is to combine traditional Scottish and Irish songs and tunes with their own original songs and tunes resulting in a unique blend of voice, fiddle and accompaniment.  Their new CD, “always sometimes never” explores more depth and variety of songs and sounds.

The BlarneyGirls have enchanted audiences touring around the country, blending Irish, Scottish and Cape Breton sounds with new songs by Cara Dillon, Sam Lakeman, Great Big Sea, Dolly Parton, and originals by Michael Robbins and Reva Paget (the BorderCollies) as well as original interpretations of traditional songs and tunes.



CD’s available online via CDBaby and Amazon as well iTunes, and also on Rhapsody, Spotify, Pandora and other online listening sites.

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