theSHIFT with guest opener Madawg & The Pack

9:00 pm

Psychedelic Cosmic Rock N Roll

Individually, the members of theSHIFT are highly sought-after NYC session musicians who’ve recorded and toured the world with an impressive array of artists. Together, John Shannon (vocals/guitar), MJ Lambert (drums) and Ben Geis (bass) craft melodic and anthemic rock with vibrant depth and a forceful punch. theSHIFT’s multi-layered riffs, melodic composition and heavy driven grooves are in full effect at every live show and the chemistry between the 3 on stage is nothing short of electrifying!

“theSHIFT is about altering your consciousness through the sheer power of rock n’ roll,” declares Shannon. “Our lyrics don’t question the government, they question the nature of your reality.”

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Having each attended the famed Berklee College of Music, theSHIFT comes from a wide-ranging music spectrum. Shannon has recorded and toured with top-national acts like John Mayer, Lauryn Hill and Ben Harper, and also composed music for comedian Louis CK’s live specials and hit FX series, Louie. Lambert and Geis’ musical roots lie deep in the world of funk, blues, rock and hip hop having backed legends such as Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick.

After a year and a half of non-stop touring across the United States, theSHIFT’s song “Dreams” was mysteriously added to a mainstream rock radio station in Lima, Peru where the song went to #1 and soon became #5 of the year in 2015 amongst Coldplay, David Gilmore, Chris Cornell, Adele, Florence and the Machine and many others. theSHIFT was the only independent band on the top 150 list. Shortly after this they were noticed on YouTube by the legendary songwriter/producer and co-creator of the Woodstock Festival, Artie Kornfeld, who has taken them into the studio to begin work on their next album.



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