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Happenings   Issue 39   Nov 2012   Rockaway Beach, NY

Temporarily Closed

while we repair and rebuild from the wrath of hurricane Sandy


Dear Friends, Families & Loved Ones,

This is a very different newsletter than I have ever written. It’s been a week now since hurricane Sandy and I am probably still in shock along with many of us here in the Rockaways and other hard hit areas.  My heart goes out to all of us suffering, especially now with the weather getting so cold and this damn nor’easter that’s blowing in.

Thai Rock is still standing, but a lot of work is required.  Our plans are to get operational as fast as possible.  It is my hope that government funds will be available.  We, like so many others, had no flood insurance, and the renovations and property replacement will be substantial.  If you are able to help us and other uninsured Rockaway businesses rebuild by making any size contribution, please click on this link for the Sandy Disaster Assistance Appeal for Thai Rock and Uninsured Rockaway Businesses

We have running water, toilets that flush and a wood-burning stove to keep us warm, heat water for bathing and allow us to cook.  We recently got a power generator, but gas is hard to come by and we actually sat on it for days unable to power it.  Thank you Aunt Marti, Jerry, Joe & Sean for helping find gas – you guys are awesome.  We have also been cooking food we have here on Virgil and Linda’s old barbeque grill I rescued from under the boardwalk partially burried in sand, and have been giving away the food freely to our friends, neighbors, volunteers and any passerby’s.

The lack of power and regular heat is challenging, however, there are a lot of people out here who have less and need our help.   The many large buildings out here do not have water because water delivery relies on power for the pumps.  These poor people are living in the cold and dark and without running water and no way to flush their toilets, some are elderly and cannot make it up or down the steps.  My heart goes out to our many friends and good people that lost their homes and worse to Sandy, we are deeply saddened by all the loss and devastation.

On the positive side, this past week, in many ways, has been extraordinary.  The pure goodness of people is seeping out everywhere I see.  Strangers checking in and helping strangers.  It doesn’t matter how you were affected, help is in the air and it’s contagious. With that said, I want to thank so many people and businesses for helping Thai Rock, my family and myself and, unfortunately, I expect much more help will be needed.

For the warm and lovely showers, so needed, thanks to Aunt Marti, Bikram Yoga Rego Park & NY Sports Club and many thanks to Greg & Jerry for driving.

Thanks to the many friends who have checked in with us, too numerous to call out by name.  We are looking after each other, are strong together and are building an even better community.

Thank you to all the good people that have come here and helped us try to make sense of this Jeff, Rich, Colin, Greg, Ray, Mike, Jerry, Sean, Lisa, Geoff, Dan and so many more.

By the way, more than a week after the hurricane and where’s the gas? Shame on the preparedness of our government.


My most sincere thanks and be well, Robert :~)







Thai Rock

(soon to be) Open daily from 12 noon to late night


375 Beach 92nd Street, Rockaway Beach, NY 11693
(646) 455-3991

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