On Passion


I wrote this long wondering column, it turned kind of dark and wasn't the message I had in mind, which is, society, as we knew it is changing and change can be scary, but I do believe it's in our nature to make it good. Perhaps I'll resurrect the column I originally wrote, it will need more of a long form than I allot for this space.

Gist is we are going to be working in new ways, socializing in more varied formats and taking care of your neighbor now includes all the people of all the countries of our whole world. We can no longer accept well being in part of the world with starvation, sickness and poverty in other parts, inequity leads to a viscous spiral of global pollution, desertification, pandemics, runaway emigration and the collapse of rules of law.

We start with a willingness to accept change, which is probably the hardest part, but once the ship sets sail, it moves straight and steady. For my part, I'll continue to express and share ideas and love doing so with friends over some fine spirits. Meet me at Thai Rock, let's rejoice, indulge and see how we can make the world a better place while we have cheers together.


Stay healthy and be well,

Robert :~)

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Live Music in the Rockaways


Big Frank & The Healers

Fri Jul 30, 8pm

A traditional electric and acoustic blues musician known for powerful vocals and bottleneck slide style


The League of Naughty Cubists
Sat Jul 31, 8pm

Playing tunes for the artist and dancer in you


Mind Open
Aug 1, 6:30pm

Vibe lead Instrumental and jazz based, with a touch of rock, Brazilian, and psychedelic grooves

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