On Passion


Where am I going?  I used to have simple answers to this question.  Answers were wrapped up in where and when I was, nonetheless, an answer was there.  Perhaps the answer was to college, to have a family, to improve a skill, to get a job, or to find a soulmate.


I can’t tell if it’s me or what is happening now, but I no longer feel like I have a simple answer to this question.  I feel a more important question has to be resolved first, where are we going? 


COVID, for all it’s impacts, has accelerated our path towards individual and nuclear family isolation.  Further adding to our society’s directionless course are the multitude of conflicting opinions from government right down to social media.  We are fostering a climate of distrust of everything and the really important issues that have the ability to bring the world together are only mildly acknowledged.


We must make it safe to hug again.  A fear of personal proximity is developing.  Unchecked, the tentacles of paranoia will grow deep and take long to kill.  We must demand clear proven science from our professionals and government has to rally around fact and truth and stop politicalizing.


I do see hope and I do believe a force for good is beginning to form.  We can use the reach we each have to set a bar, speak truth and rise above the conflict.  The first step to steer a ship is to get to the steering wheel.  The steering wheel today is messaging, no different than any other day before, only that we have a great abundance of ways to do it.   


So maybe today I know where I’m going, to Thai Rock for good food, spirits, live music and friendship. This is my message to you, whoo-hoo.


Stay healthy and be well,

Robert :~)

Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways


Mike Tedesco

Fri Sep 17, 7:30pm

Mike "New Piano Man" Tedesco Performs popular songs


Sat Sep 18, 8pm

Good 'ol Classic Rock Live from Rockaway's own


Chris Tedseco
Sep 19, 6:30pm

Combining violin, guitar, percussion, and vocals, multi-instrumentalist Chris Tedesco weaves together unique versions of popular songs in a variety of genres. From Coldplay to Sting to Neil Young, Chris uses live looping to create a layered musical soundscape that sets the right mood and vibe

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