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Alas, New Year's is upon us. Today would typically be the day I integrate a large net throughout our rafters for 1,000's of balloons to drop. The first few years we did confetti, and I mean tons of confetti. Those are some of the most memorable New Year's Eve parties of my life. I would continue to find confetti months after, in shoes and drawers and every once in a while, some would fall from the rafters in the summertime, there was that much. We eventually switched to balloons.

Making that much confetti takes a while and it's a shame to use fresh paper. The first year, Thai Rock was just an idea, we didn't even have plans drafted, but we did hold one hell of a party. It was cathartic in many ways, change of life and career, new digs, new beginnings and I had a pile of old files that remained from my prior life of a prior wife. That was the confetti source and when twelve o'clock rang, me and so many friends were showered in the ashes of the yesterday with all the hope and promise of tomorrow.

This year we don't have a new year's drop, we don't have a live band and we don't have a party planned, but we do have hope for a better tomorrow. I like to think about what made good times good and what is needed to have them. I believe it comes down to one thing, safety. We must feel safe to be around others, safe to walk the streets, and certain it will remain safe. We will achieve this, for now, I look forward to the little things, the small events and take solace in simple joys.

We are open New Year's Eve for dine in and takeout service, reservations recommended.

Live Music Sunday's features the Kerry Kearney Acoustic Review this Sunday at 6:30pm

Happy New Year, Good Health and Be well,
Robert :~)

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Kerry Kearney Acoustic Review

Sun Jan 2, 6:30pm

Kerry Kearney takes residency at Thai Rock the 1st Sunday of the month bringing with him guest musicians amalgamating a unique acoustic ensemble performing songs we grew up with and can sing along to

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