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Rockaway's largest manufacturing sector is its restaurants. Perhaps not typically considered a manufacturer, this is indeed the heart and lifeblood of every restaurant and food preparation business. I did not understand this fact when starting Thai Rock. For me, I thought of it in the traditional sense, hospitality services, and for sure that is an important component, but far from the whole and crucial aspect of producing consistent prepared food.

A manufacturer takes raw ingredients, combines and assembles them, creating new or augmented products in a consistent, repeatable and dependable process. Thai Rock, like most every other Rockaway or mom-pop restaurant, does not enjoy the benefits of assembly line manufacturing. Nor do we purchase enough of anything to obtain discounted pricing.

And yet, we do face the same realities of an over liberal highly regulated tax and spend state incurring ever increasing costs for wages, insurances, utilities and materials as every manufacturer, large and small, struggles with.

I realize there are many good hardworking people and families here at home, many of whom I am so happy to know and have in my life, and who are struggling, just as we do, to keep up with the everyday. Going out to a restaurant is a luxury that for many is becoming a less frequent activity. For this reason, we started the Thai Rock Weekday Dinner Club, where $20 gets you an appetizer and entrée. All we require is that your purchase is for 1 meal each month for 3 months. Our commitment is reliably good tasting freshly made food of my wife's family recipes at a fanatic value, and your commitment is to enjoy a meal a month for 3 months. Click here for more information and to join the Thai Rock Weekday Dinner Club.


Thai Rock Weekday Dinner Club
Entree & Appetizer for $20 nearly 50% Off


What is it? Click to Join
A monthly subscription plan to have a delicious Thai Rock dine-in or takeout meal at a great price.


The road ahead will be bumpy for a while, and maybe that is just the nature of the road ahead. Some of us are planners and try to chart a course, bumpy roads are tough for those folks. Others take an "in the moment" approach, rolling with whatever life throws at them. I'm more of a dabbler between the two, enjoying every moment the best I can and making plans, that are more like far off goals not exactly knowing how to get there, but having faith that by sticking as close as possible to maintaining a good conscious, helping others, and following my heart, the journey itself will lead to the best possible life.

I strongly believe in American manufacturing, and feel that Thai Rock and all the other mom-pop food service establishments make up a cornerstone of Rockaway's community vitality, offering jobs, careers and training to many, bringing and keeping economic activity in this peninsula and, as a collective whole, serving us for so many life events, from special occasions, reunions, joyful and tearful moments, to the everyday times we spend together or by one's self.

Thank you for your support and helping keep our community vital.


Be well,

Robert :~)

Sip & Paint

Wed May 25th, 7-9pm

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Music Calendar

Live in the Rockaways


Dave Clive's Nawlins Funk Band

Sun May 22, 6:30pm

Uncle Dave wants you to party with NFB … and his little dog too


Jerry's Jazz Band

Sun May 29, 6:30pm

Performing standards from the Great American Song Book


Kerry Kearney Acoustic Review

Sun Jun 5, 6:30pm

Kerry Kearney takes residency at Thai Rock the 1st Sunday of the month bringing with him guest musicians amalgamating a unique acoustic ensemble performing songs we grew up with and can sing along to

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