On Passion


actions + inactions = life lived

Had a provocative discussion with a friend in which I explained I don't have any belief in purpose, destiny or any kind of active controller beyond self. I truly believe it is up to the individual to decide what they are going to do, or not do, every moment, and put together, these choices fully describe the quality and nature of a person's life.

There is no scale that balances good deeds from bad, no umpire to call the value of saving a life, getting an A, or catching a fish. We make our own purpose and we often change and distort those very same goals we gave to ourself as circumstances on the ground change. We roll with it and call it coping.
Yet, so many struggle for and deeply want to believe there is a purpose for them. These people cannot accept the simple beauty and joy of this cosmic collision resulting in our rare and precious lives. This is hubris.


I have never been interested much in questioning things I could have no way to ever understand, it just seemed pointless. Being fascinated with human behavior, partly to understand myself, partly because my grandfather, and my first hero, dedicated himself to the topic, and largely as it gives me great pleasure, I have led a life probing, investigating, and often putting myself into awkward situations. However, the experiences gathered and shared have been extraordinary. The people I've met and learned from helped me become a person I really like. A person willing to help others, a person who stands up for himself, a caring individual that wants to leave this place a little better off than when he started. And there you go, I've discovered my own purpose, my life lived.


Be well, Robert :~)                         Photo: me & boys


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Tony O Blues

Sat July 30, 8pm

Honoring Blues legend Danny Russo


Jerry's Jazz Band

Sun July 31, 6:30pm

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Joel Forrester Quartet

Sun Aug 7, 6:30pm

West-meets-East! Boogie-woogie master Joel Forrester teams up with the dynamic Japanese jazz violinist Michi Fuji for a scintillating evening of colorful melody and rock-solid rhythm

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