On Passion


I've recently made a decision to improve my wellbeing by doing a better job surrounding myself with friends, family and loved ones. The change has not been drastic, but with small incremental improvements made over the last 6 months, I have become so much more fulfilled and joyful. In a way, I have been directing myself to reembrace true person-to-person socializing. I've even, on occasion, been a bit more forceful to encourage get-together's, which is not much like my former self.


As I look back, I am incredibly happy with these changes and thankful for all the friendship and love shared. My lesson learned is that happiness requires work and the more put in the better the outcome. I find myself savoring kinship and letting moments together linger longer while not making the time together as though it were obligatory. I notice better deeper laughter, more sincerity and genuine meeting of minds. In addition, my eating has been improved, stress reduced and I'm even getting better sleep.


These changes have become so personally transformative that my wife and I are now taking our adult children on what would have been private travel.


Thank you for your friendship and care and should you be around this evening, I invite you to enjoy one of the top American Song Book ensembles, Jerry's Jazz Band, performing tonight from 6:30 to 9pm.


Be well,
Robert :~)


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Music Calendar

Live in the Rockaways


Jerry's Jazz Band

Sun Nov 27, 6:30pm

Performing standards from the Great American Song Book


Kerry Kearney Acoustic Review

Sun Dec 4, 6:30pm

Kerry Kearney takes residency at Thai Rock the 1st Sunday of the month bringing with him guest musicians amalgamating a unique acoustic ensemble performing songs we grew up with and can sing along to


Chris Tedesco

Sun Dec 11, 6:30pm

Combining violin, guitar, percussion, and vocals, multi-instrumentalist Chris Tedesco weaves together unique versions of popular songs in a variety of genres. From Coldplay to Sting to Neil Young to create a layered musical soundscape that sets the right mood and vibe.

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