Simon Chardiet
Simon Chardiet
Simon is a musician and been so his entire working life.  A Rockaway fixture, friend and all around great soul.  He performs at Thai Rock in numerous bands with genres ranging from Jazz and blues to Rock and Roll. This Saturday, we are delighted to be entertained by this Music Man and his many sides of musical performance. About Simon: Electric and Spanish guitars-Upright bass-Electric 4 and 12 string bass-Vocals-Song writer--Surfer--Open Ocean Swimmer-Nyc Bicycle Messenger-Professional Beatnik Favorite Quote: If you kids turn over all the tables,well play a couple more songs, johnny thunders


With: Simon and the Bar Sinisters:

Look at me I'm Cool 1995 (Rounder Records) Bug Bite Daddy 1997 (Rounder Records) Artillery Tractor 2000 Department Of Corruption 2000 Rockin' With Simon and the Bar Sinisters 2002 Music For All Occasions 2004 I'm Gonna Feed My Baby Poison 2005 Die Hipster Scum 2011 Break The Tension Have a Peanut 2015 Didn't I Piss you Off This Time? 2018 Rockabilly From Rockaway 2018

With the Rooftoppers

Jazz Goes Surfing 2010 The Rooftoppers 2014 Love me Or Leave Me 2018 Who Knows 2018 the Rooftoppers play for...YOU 2018

With Rancid

Turntable off of Life Wont Wait ( Hellcat)

With The Contortion's James Chance

Terminal City-Down and Dirty 2005 (wind bell)

With Flat  Duo Jets

Simon Chardiet /Dexter Romweber- 2 Great Guitars, (Norton Records) 1995 45 rpm 7 inch Red tango 1996 Norton Records

With The Slackers

Red Light   1997 The Question 1997

with Hellcat Records

Wasted Days 1998 Wasted Days LP (2000) Wasted Days CD (2000) all different songs from lp

with Mojo Nixon

Whereabouts Unknown 1995 Ripe and Ready

With the Voidoid's Ivan Julian

Searchin for you  b/w Fever 1980     7inch 45   Contender Records Screaming rebel Angels  Hitch Hike 2013

With Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Damage (2003) Sanctuary

With heavy trash (Jon spencer/Matt Verta-ray)

Goin way Out LP Goin Way Out CD Different songs 2009 Yep Roc Midnight Soul Serenade 2010 7-inch 45s Nervis/Say Yeah 2010 Panik/We Got To Go

with Joey Miserable and the Worms

Joey Miserable and the Worms LP 1985 Hangin out for your Love 12 inch 45 rpm 1986

With Turbo AC'S

Av X 2oo5, Gearhead Records


Cinema Surf 2003 All for a few Perfect Waves 2007 Mysto Incognito 2012 Going to a Rock n roll dance party 2014 The Sweet Ride 2017

with BBQ BOB and the SPARE RIBS

4 on the Floor (cassette) 1991 Burning Sensation CD 2005